the nostalgia fits

this weekend brandon was listening to belle & sebastian and it practically cut a hole into my heart. maybe i was just being sensitive, but i had a fit of nostalgia so serious i almost had to lay down. but we were making an intense v-day dinner, so i had to trudge on.

anyway, here is the song. we rule the school. not even a favorite. with the ending scene from the 400 blows, a movie i've never seen (it's in b/w, people). it does look kind of nice, though...

i'm so sappy.

white mountaineering and others

i'm wild, just wild for these two coats:

via white mountaineering.

i'm especially wild for the denim jacket. oh, and these are both meant for men. who cares? also, i'm wild for these shoes, although i imagine my toes would bust through that fabric quicker than you can say why are your toes so powerful?:

via the supply room.

let's catch up.

let's start by talking about a pretty lady.

image via interview, by lucy madison

it's greta gerwig! i love her. she's just about my favorite actress, and is in the new whit stillman film!

via la weekly

i kind of forgot he had a new film until the trailer for wes anderson's new movie came out. they're both linked in my mind as makers of good stuff (although i'm way more excited for damsels in distress. wes anderson needs a class in getting back to basics. not to ramble, but while darjeeling limited wasn't his best film, i think it had the best scene in wes anderson history: the part where the boy dies in the river, and they stay with the family for his funeral. it was so moving. i really felt he'd made a turn there, and was back to thinking about story-telling vs. art direction. oh well. wes anderson gets me worked up).

but back to greta gerwig. actually, that's all i've got. go, gerwig! and go, stillman!

Amy Poehler and David Fiene Freestyle Rap Battle

do you listen to the comedy bang bang podcast? you probably should. this is from the best of 2011. amy poehler's rap is amazing.

put this in your pipe and smoke it.

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i am in love with this movie poster.

i accidentally wore two different shoes to the library last night. probably the most embarrassing thing to happen to me in a while. oh well!